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“Erin is always willing to jump in and do what needs to be done. She gives everything 100 percent effort and has a great attitude. I’ve left her alone to tame my linen closet and worked alongside her to organize my attic. You can see how organizing just comes naturally to her.”
L.P., Montclair, NJ
I am a self-proclaimed “neat freak” to whom tidiness comes naturally. But not everyone is made like that. Whether you are a messy type who wants to create order or an orderly type who needs better systems for clutter, whether it’s time to tackle the toy bins or make a seasonal change in your closet, organizing solutions are my specialty. Services include:

  • Kitchen Efficiency Systems
  • Home Systems and Designs
  • Closet Clean Outs and Organization
  • Arts and Crafts Management
  • Kids’ Spaces (sorting, storage, organization, making things fun & neat)
  • Living Spaces (piles, junk drawers, errant messes, anything that needs done, I can do it)
  • Bookshelf Management (including book donations)