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“Erin has been able to step in and see what’s impeding progress in any area of my life. My home office is so functional right now, it feels great to be in there.”
-W.M., Roseland, NJ


“I hired Erin on the recommendation of a friend – I needed someone trustworthy to pet sit my often-challenging rescue dog while we were on vacation. My pup found true love with Erin! Then, I discovered her organizing abilities and I realized: I can never let this woman leave my house!”
-S.C., Montclair, NJ


“As an Event Planner, I don’t outsource to anyone unless they are tried and true. If anything goes wrong, my reputation is on the line. Erin is the only person I would trust to help me with many of the special, one-time tasks that come with some of my jobs. I can deputize her to do literally anything, and do it perfectly!”
-L.P., Montclair, NJ


“Erin is fantastic. She provided me with practical tools to tackle my clutter and to keep it from creeping back into my home. My space not only looks better, it feels lighter.”
-K.O, Montclair, NJ


“Everyone needs Simply Done in their lives! Erin made an overwhelming task into a completely manageable project and before I knew it there was order in my universe.” 
-A.M, Montclair, NJ


“I am pretty organized, but putting time on my calendar with Erin forced me to do jobs I had been putting off. The work went fast and it was even fun! Erin is also really good at using space efficiently and she’s a whiz at grouping, sorting and labeling! I cannot recommend her enough.”  
-S. W., Montclair, NJ


“Over the past ten years, there is no job we haven’t entrusted to Erin! She has cared for our kids, overseen home renovations, organized every square inch of our house, helped plan a bat mitzvah, baked birthday cakes, programmed our DVRs, cared for our dog, kept our cars running – we could go on and on. There is no one we trust more or whom we rely on more to help us keep our lives on track and keep our heads above water. Erin is one of a kind. We don’t know what we would do without her!”
-M.P., Montclair, NJ